Damage Caused by Federal Pacific Electric Panels

The Panels Can Be Dangerous

A Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) circuit breaker panel can appear to be working properly for years. BUT experts warn that if a Federal Pacific Electric panel experiences an overcurrent or short circuit, it may not keep the electrical circuits from overheating and could possibly pose a fire hazard.

According to a report, some Federal Pacific Electric panels failed to operate properly nearly 60% of the time in the event of a power surge. To the right is one example of a Federal Pacific Electric panel. The homeowner reportedly heard a loud pop, followed by a sizzling noise and a burning smell. She called an electrician; this is what he found.

The homeowner had no way of knowing that too many electrical devices were plugged into one room. The devices required more electricity than the circuit could provide. “The wiring got hot enough to fry an egg,” the electrician reported. Normally, the circuit breakers should trip to cut off the electricity and prevent a fire. The Federal Pacific Electric breakers did not operate properly, resulting in two circuit breakers and a bus bar being burned.

Here are more examples of FPE panels that have failed:


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